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aka ali [userpic]

ohhhh yeahhhhhh

September 8th, 2006 (03:54 pm)
current song: say anything

i won't let you down. no i won't, no i won't, no i won't...........
i've been listening to SA a lot lately. and that's probably good for me. get back in that whole 'fuck yeah' state of mind. nobody knows what i'm talking about in here. probably ever. so that's cool. and by nobody, i mean jenny. holla.

todayyyy was a weird day. i woke up at like 11. considering, yeah, i did go to bed somewhere close to 2-3 am. i shouldn't have been awake this early and ready to go do stuff.but i actually got some things acomplished today i suppose.
1) went to lunch at a normal hour with mah dad. hes pretty ridiculous. in the good way today. before we left for lunch my dad yelled out to me from his bedroom saying "my underarms stink" and i replied with "your whole, disgusting body stinks" and then he came back with, "yeah, it's just because i excersize all the time....." HILARIOUS. and still gross.
2) went to the sprint store. which today, i'm not going to lie, went better than usual. i got the cool dude kid person that fixed my text messaging last time i was in there. and he said..and i quote.."word. yeah let me grab you a charger and we'll fix this sucker up" and i just laughed. so congrats sprint store for not sucking.
3) was really sketchy in the back of central market. it smellllled realllllllllly bad. like ultra grozz. i almost threw up. que vomitworthy.

and now i'm home. and its 405, which is cute and california-esque and death cab-esque. and i'm thinking about watching laguna beach and taking a nap.

i'm a little hungry again. and that's ridiculous. almost as ridiculous as this whole entry is. if you read this, jenny, i am sorry. hahah

its starting to cloud up outside around here. i guess its going to rain. thats probz good though, because maybe its a cold front. f yah. i cant wait for fall to set in. mmmmyes. g'bye.


Posted by: alive_with_love (alive_with_love)
Posted at: September 8th, 2006 10:42 pm (UTC)

i did read it.

Posted by: aka ali (lovemafiajazz)
Posted at: September 10th, 2006 04:50 am (UTC)

still sorry. but i appreciate it, yknow.

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