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aka ali [userpic]

September 6th, 2006 (05:34 pm)
current song: the format

woikdalkdna i absolutely HATE the new facebook. i cannot even begin to go off on how much that shit is creepy and grozz. i reallllllllly dont like it. and i wish itd go back to the way it was. because i liked facebook cos it was simple and such. and now it's just stalker central. not cool facebook, not cool at all.

in other news, i see lj is changing. i dont like that either. yes, i know the change hasnt taken place yet but im sure nothing good will come of it. so holler. please dont change in a bad way.

my classes are........going. history is pretty cool. the professor is still mildly entertaining with his tangents on capitalism that seem to almost come out of nowhere. college algebra is still like high school: part deux. english, however, is pretty bad. not because of what we're having to do.....i don't know. i just really dont understand the professor. she confuses the hell out of me. and its really hard to read her emotions/know what shes talking about. im pretty glad dustin is in there because if not, i think the class would be completely unbarable.

tomorrow our first paper is due and i swearrrrrrrr i made a bad choice on that. i shouldn't have written about the squid thing. because it's not like....a story. it is, but then it's not just a whole YEAH I SAW THE SQUID AND THEN UM IT SCARED ME. AND IT STILL DOES. thing...it sort of relates to a deeper sentiment. which is stupid, because that's really not what this paper called for. but we'll see how it goes.

this weeeeekend is all up in ze air. for the longest time i had been planning on going to dallas. mostly for dear and the headlights. also, sort of equally mostly, for smu. their little tour business. and yesterday i was thoroughly let down by ze situation, due to jesse. he texted me yesterday saying that he wouldn't be able to take me to dallas this weekend.......so that was really all sorts of stupid ass stupid. i was pretty pissed, still sort of am. but i'll let it go.

nowww i'm just not sure. i will continue to hope for the best but expect the worst.

HAHhahahHAHAHhash i love this show on vh1. that talks about celeb freak outs. because i think 3 thus far have been about tom cruise. and they just now were talking about the today show incident where matt lauer asked TC about his brooke shields comment. and then TC replied with saying that psychology is a psuedo-science. and one of the comedians commented back with "WHAT...wait...what did top gun just say?" and that made me smile and has no relevence to anything else. cool, oui?

alright well i think i've said enough. this was mostly negative. but whatever. i am sorry for that.