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aka ali [userpic]

August 13th, 2006 (09:41 pm)

first off id like to address the fact that i AM listening to paris hilton's new album. and thus far, it has been a hilarious experience. yet i'm not going to lie, this will probably get played. so congrats on that. ugh. how depressing, no?

its now that weird part in the summer where everything really is slipping away. up until a week or so ago, everything was going so slooooow. all the days blended together and its almost as though things were in slow motion. but then everything caught up with me and i realized that its already august and i start school in 2 weeks. not to mention people are starting to leave, if they havent left already. its a weird feeling.

the fact that laguna beach has been playing non-stop for the last few days hasnt helped either. the graduation episodes through when kids start leaving..........UGH i hate it. it makes me realize that its all really happening to me.

im going to miss a lot more people than i expected to. and that sounds horrible but i dont mean it in any unkind way. just, i got to know a lot of people over the past few months that i didn't really expect to and so it just adds to the already overwhelming equation.

so yeah, what can i say? we're all growing up. and i don't feel any different.

in other news:
i'm starting to actually save up money! HOLLER. i'm about 3 months from buying myself a new car. and thats exciting for me. and im also about 9 months from getting an apartment. good grief! its ridiculous. i cant even begin to believe that this time next year i'll be about to start school in a different city. it's pretty amazing and weird. i cant even really think about it right now. its what everyone always dreams about as a kid.........graduating and going to college......but then when it actually happens, it's surreal.

so yes. a majority of my thoughts are directed to college and such.

and now, i'm going to listen to some more music and thennnnnn i don't even know what.

dustin and jenny, i think i just talked to your mom online?
yeah that's cool.