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aka ali [userpic]

August 10th, 2006 (02:18 am)

today was quite the day.

i took my spanish test. and exempted from 3 semesters in college. FUCK YEAH! that's pretty awesome. however i don't even know if my degree plan requires it. but that's pretty diqin' gr8 just in caseeee.

i came home and slept. like a cool kid. cos i am one. LAWL NOT. ummmmm yeah most of my afternoon was comprised of mininaps and some paris hilton bs that was on vh1 lyke AWL AFTERNOONZ. what was up with that?! i don't even know.

as i mentioned before today was jesse's birthday. but i didn't actually do anything with him and feel bad about that. a lil bit.

i went out to dinner and such at this dude's house with my dad tonight. it was hilarious. him bringing the sign out was not. ze end of that story. only few know the beauty of the sign.

after that i came home and changed then went out with aaron and we walked around the river walk. i showed him my most favoritist place in the woodz, very HUSH HUSH. pretty much walked everywhere. i don't even really remember what we talked about minus.........
.....as we're leaving my neighborhood...
aaron- "dude, do you have pez?"
me- "what?....the candy things...."
"you smell like the little pez candies"
"it's not a bad thing. they smell good."

possibly one of the weirdest things anyone has ever said to me. but it's completely fine because i got to listen to public service anouncement + various dr dre songs. so that's all she wrote about that.

jesse called while i was out, however. he had a horrible birthday. HOLLA, you probably won't even see this but i definitely know how that shit goes.

i have to get up in....like....7 hours. that's cool. i think i might sleep now because that'd be pretty awesome. actually sleep through the night. then run about 13.384 BILLION ERRANDS tomorrow. urgh. then go to dinner wiff my madre. then i'm offffffff.
(haven't used that in a while, eh?)