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aka ali [userpic]


August 9th, 2006 (01:09 am)
current song: lol@mediaplayerplaylist

what a day! what a day! i am very tired but i must study! (tomorrow im taking a test to attempt to exempt from some foreign languages next semmy.)

todayyyyyy i......did a lot of nothing. ate with my dad. but didnt talk to him at all. LOL. we clearly have an awesome relationship as of right now. i hardly ever see him. is that abnormal for teenagers? poll: do you talk with your parents, actually have conversations with them and not just 'im going out ___. be home___' type things, on a daily basis?? lemmmme know. im curious.

awwwwww piebald just came on my playlist and made me smile. american hearts just makes me want to high5 someone. am i wrong? am i wrong?! no. im not. i wish they played this tonight....

first i will resume the play-by-play of my day....by-day? no. okay. so i ateeee with papa and then went out with jesse. whom i have decided is more amazing than...unamazing things. we're a lot alike and i enjoy that. we later met up with jessica, whom i also enjoy the company of. also at the mall were: lindsay, her brother, some girl, some dude, tamaryn, and another dude. im pretty much amazing with names, i know this. most of the evening, however, was jesse and i....sometimes jessica....avoiding the others. jesse and i spoke of love. which sucked. a lot. PS ITS OFFICIALLY JESSE'S BIRTHDAY NOW SO HOLL@THAT!!!!! okay. so yeahhh left there about 930. UGH. i dont even want to talk about the shit that happened inbetween there. but i saw ASHLEY! yeah, i adore her. shes gr8. and i met her boyfriend...spencer. yeah im awesome with names there. also saw marc, but definitely didnt talk to him. i dont know why. im such an introvert.....sometimes.

i got home at about 10ish. a little later perhaps. ate a slice of cold pizza. sat my happy ass down at the computer and began to venture into the interweb, when amanda called. she asked what i was doing, duh...nothing sitting at muh house, and then said that they were on their way to get me. they turned out to be her and brent, who i have officially decided is hilarious in more ways than most. and we were going bowling. and HOT DAMN i love bowling. so they picked me up shortly after that and we ventured to ze amf lanes for it was DOLLAR night. ughhh i love it. so the whole car ride was filled with frantic phone calls trying to get more people to join us.

we got to ze alley (which is hilarious because my away message was this even before she called cos i put it up before i aaaaaate....."so what's say you.....and all your ffffffrrrrriends meet all of my friends in the alley with knives" cool, huh?) anyways we got there and i met amanda's sister, erin who was their with co-workers...and then we reserved a lane. got it about 15 minutes later. set up the names and such. some other kid steve came. whom i didnt really talk to at all. and then dan came. and i decided i like hanging out with dan. hes alright. hah wow how lame. but yeah, we bowled. i sang, a lot. dan sang with me. which is mostly why i decided he's cool. brent sang and basically threw the ball all the way down the lane to almost the pins every time which added onto his cool factor. ummm i dono, erin came and bowled our second game with us. THE SECOND GAME THAT I FUCKIN PWND. yeah, i definitely won with 126. it was bossy (yeah brent also knew the bossy song so clearly more points there.)

and now im back at home.
i still have a test tomorrow morning and im a lil worried about that. ill study before beeeed. i also have not finished reading gatsby. seriously its pissing me off! i have a lot more books i wanna read and i CANT until i finish. so i dedicate the rest of this week to that.

okay study timeeeeee.
i hope the meyerberry/weebeasties/mammoth grinder show was badass. and i wish i was there. but i was not. so boo. okay bye for realz.