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ohhhh yeahhhhhh

September 8th, 2006 (03:54 pm)
current song: say anything

i won't let you down. no i won't, no i won't, no i won't...........
i've been listening to SA a lot lately. and that's probably good for me. get back in that whole 'fuck yeah' state of mind. nobody knows what i'm talking about in here. probably ever. so that's cool. and by nobody, i mean jenny. holla.

todayyyy was a weird day. i woke up at like 11. considering, yeah, i did go to bed somewhere close to 2-3 am. i shouldn't have been awake this early and ready to go do stuff.but i actually got some things acomplished today i suppose.
1) went to lunch at a normal hour with mah dad. hes pretty ridiculous. in the good way today. before we left for lunch my dad yelled out to me from his bedroom saying "my underarms stink" and i replied with "your whole, disgusting body stinks" and then he came back with, "yeah, it's just because i excersize all the time....." HILARIOUS. and still gross.
2) went to the sprint store. which today, i'm not going to lie, went better than usual. i got the cool dude kid person that fixed my text messaging last time i was in there. and he said..and i quote.."word. yeah let me grab you a charger and we'll fix this sucker up" and i just laughed. so congrats sprint store for not sucking.
3) was really sketchy in the back of central market. it smellllled realllllllllly bad. like ultra grozz. i almost threw up. que vomitworthy.

and now i'm home. and its 405, which is cute and california-esque and death cab-esque. and i'm thinking about watching laguna beach and taking a nap.

i'm a little hungry again. and that's ridiculous. almost as ridiculous as this whole entry is. if you read this, jenny, i am sorry. hahah

its starting to cloud up outside around here. i guess its going to rain. thats probz good though, because maybe its a cold front. f yah. i cant wait for fall to set in. mmmmyes. g'bye.

(no subject)

September 6th, 2006 (05:34 pm)
current song: the format

woikdalkdna i absolutely HATE the new facebook. i cannot even begin to go off on how much that shit is creepy and grozz. i reallllllllly dont like it. and i wish itd go back to the way it was. because i liked facebook cos it was simple and such. and now it's just stalker central. not cool facebook, not cool at all.

in other news, i see lj is changing. i dont like that either. yes, i know the change hasnt taken place yet but im sure nothing good will come of it. so holler. please dont change in a bad way.

my classes are........going. history is pretty cool. the professor is still mildly entertaining with his tangents on capitalism that seem to almost come out of nowhere. college algebra is still like high school: part deux. english, however, is pretty bad. not because of what we're having to do.....i don't know. i just really dont understand the professor. she confuses the hell out of me. and its really hard to read her emotions/know what shes talking about. im pretty glad dustin is in there because if not, i think the class would be completely unbarable.

tomorrow our first paper is due and i swearrrrrrrr i made a bad choice on that. i shouldn't have written about the squid thing. because it's not like....a story. it is, but then it's not just a whole YEAH I SAW THE SQUID AND THEN UM IT SCARED ME. AND IT STILL DOES. thing...it sort of relates to a deeper sentiment. which is stupid, because that's really not what this paper called for. but we'll see how it goes.

this weeeeekend is all up in ze air. for the longest time i had been planning on going to dallas. mostly for dear and the headlights. also, sort of equally mostly, for smu. their little tour business. and yesterday i was thoroughly let down by ze situation, due to jesse. he texted me yesterday saying that he wouldn't be able to take me to dallas this weekend.......so that was really all sorts of stupid ass stupid. i was pretty pissed, still sort of am. but i'll let it go.

nowww i'm just not sure. i will continue to hope for the best but expect the worst.

HAHhahahHAHAHhash i love this show on vh1. that talks about celeb freak outs. because i think 3 thus far have been about tom cruise. and they just now were talking about the today show incident where matt lauer asked TC about his brooke shields comment. and then TC replied with saying that psychology is a psuedo-science. and one of the comedians commented back with "WHAT...wait...what did top gun just say?" and that made me smile and has no relevence to anything else. cool, oui?

alright well i think i've said enough. this was mostly negative. but whatever. i am sorry for that.

helllllllllllo college

August 29th, 2006 (11:35 pm)
current location: my house, in the (sort of) middle of the street

so after seventeen years of ball bustin'....or something....i am finally there. at that all mighty point of.....fuck i dont even know what im saying, this is worse than my little 2 paragraph thing about the ultimate fighter dude in english....but what im saying is IM IN COLLEGE NOW. its offical. and its also pretty official that i'm not really diggin' it. but its okay. i mean its much, much better than the school of high. but at ze same time, i dono. its weird. it'll take some getting used to.

firsttt i have history. at ten in the am. its in a portable and my professor is hilarious. hes from new york, more specifically brooklyn, and you can tell. i'm pretty sure hes anti-bush. and thatll make for some good times considering i am fairly positive there are at least 2 die hard republicans in there. which is weird, because we're like 18......die hard my ass. mmmmmhmmmmmmmm so that was that. he was entertaining. i figured we'd have a good semester in there when he started refering to star wars. duh. its going to be good.
i also met two girls in there, which.......yeah.....i wasnt planning on meeting anyone but whatever. things happen. for a reason. so fuck yeah. stephanie and ashley. both were very nice. after class, ashley had a 30 minute break inbetween history and when she had college algebra...so we went and walked around, got ot know eachother...she works with jenny perez. whom i miss her crazyness.

from thereee i walked with her to the F building to make sure i knew where i was going....but i still had another like hour before my class started. anyways, i went there and on the way i saw dustin and becca. HOLLA. also, i saw cally clarke. which was actually nice. i miss her. umm lets see, so yeah i was walking back to commons when i saw sarah gregory aka- marshall's boo. so we actually hung out for the rest of my break, basically. that was a'ight.

college algebra was far more hilarious than i could have expected. i got there sorta early. and then like was sort of zoned out by the time all the seats started filling up. and then someone came to sit next to me, and i looked up, and it was caleb hernandez. whom i havent seen since sophomore year...when we had algebra 2 together. so that was pretty cool. we started making jokes about things and it was alright. then the professor really set it off. hes so crazy, but i think its okay. and this...this is the thing that set caleb and i off into multiple fits of giggles.......so the professor has a hard time remembering students names. simple enough, right? i figured he was just going to follow that up by saying "so don't bother telling me the correct way to say your name..." blahblahblah something like that. but OH NO. he proceeds to pull out a video camera. and explains that the only way he can remember names and faces and such is to record someone saying their name. weird point 1. so he starts going around the room and everyone starts saying their name. and he like, individually comes up to each one of us. and caleb and i were joking constantly about it, when he was out of ear shot, and saying things like "its okay, it'll all be over in a second".......and when i explained this to dustin, he mentioned that it reminded him of mysterious skin. AND when we were saying our names i thought of that. a cross between that and dane cook where i wanted to be like HEY I'M ALI FRIEDMAN.......REMEMBER MEEEEEEEEEE.

anyway, after that we did like, reviews of math. caleb and i sucked. until i started kicking ass. and so did he. we only fucked up once. but i said an answer aloud and i was right, and caleb just looked at me and said, "you fucking asshole..." and i started laughing and my face turned red, apparently. so great. i have a good feeling that caleb is going to make that class a lot more interesting.

from thereeee i went to english. which was a shitfuck all by itself. i think it'll be an okay class. the professor seems quite nice. although i wasnt really down for getting thrown into random groups with people and then having to interview them, then SAY ALOUD TO THE CLASS what we wrote. but its okay. apparently we're going to do alot more independent writing and such...which i'm looking forward to.

so that was basically my day. im glad dustin is in english with me, because if not, i dont think there woudl be anyone else i knew well enough to quitely mock people with. MMMMBJMHMMMHAHAAAHMMMM.

i am pretty tired as of right this very second.
tomorrow i am:
not doing shiiiiiiit besides getting my hair cut
then watching laguna beach
HAH im such a badass.

(no subject)

August 26th, 2006 (11:21 pm)
current location: micasa
current song: MCS

i finally finished it. the great gatsby, that is. this has been, literally, months in the working but i finally sat down and finished it. and this time, it meant a lot more to me than it has before. i cant really even explain it. but this line was like WTFWOW and i re-read it about ten times before i moved on............

"no amount of fire or freshness can challenge what a man will store up in his ghostly heart"

FO SERIEZ yo, read that, and tell me that isnt an awesome line.

other than that, my life is pretty.....plain. im even more excited about starting school next tuesday. not even really because i feel like i will learn anything of educational value, but i think it'll be good for me. im ready to get things acomplished.

room painting06 may or may not happen. as ridiculous as it sounds, i am very content living in my (irony) living room. however i understand that it is probably not the most appealing idea to my father, or any guest to the house. but i don't even care. i'm comfortable there now, maybe i might even invest in a lil air mattress and just.....i don't know. this is all so absurd but i dont care.

as of rrrrrright now i am listening to my friend aaron's band, and um, its weird. because i hear this song and its pretty badass. and duh, i always value my friends shit but this is something that i would honestly listen to on my own, without knowing them. okay that sounds bad, because pretty much all of the local woodlands/conroe/houston/austin kids i would listen to anywaysss but it reminds me of early ben gibbard-ish things. so hoorah, fuck yeah, i like 'em. and i'm real proud etc etc other lame things.

and as for right this very second, i am going to tear myself away from LJ land and list out the concerts i want to attend for the rest of the year. so then i can put aside money/buy tickets/not end up in poortown/debtsville.
adios n' such.

(no subject)

August 23rd, 2006 (11:15 am)

well let me tell you this- i am not a happy camper. yeah, it's 11:15 and where am i? AT HOME. why? is it because i was in the friggin' car with my dad and we exited to avoid traffic and his car broke down right as we got on 249??? YEP. sure as hell is. i cant even begin to tell you how shitty that was. NOT to mention the fact that i got my birthday/christmas gift in the mail today and now i will tell you a lil' something about that..............its fake. yeah. so i'm returning that bitch and i dont even care.

lets go over other shitty things, shall we!?:
-we now have no car due to the fact that my dad's is all sorts of fucked and that honda of my grandpas.....well.....it's been a year since that things gone anywhere.
-i have YET to take my test to get placed into mother shitting college algebra and now my dad actually has an excuse not to take me. SO yeah, this semester, i'm going to kill myself if i don't have at least 12 hours.
-i dont even have a room right now. the ac is acting the fool upstairs so yes, i am living on my couch.
-i dont even have a license and now i dont know if my mom can take me tomorrow due to new found shit here with cars.

so awesometown all around.

i think i might try to go back to sleep due to the fact that i am convinced that nothing bad can happen then.
only im sure it will. so hoorah.

it ain't me, babe

August 21st, 2006 (11:13 pm)
current location: mi cassssita
current song: shuffle (now--horse the band)

i have been a very sleepy kid as of late.

shuffle is going really well right now, btw.

i'm excited about starting school in a week.
i'm even more excited that what will be happening 30 college credit hours from now though =)

also excited about:
getting one of those super cool fans tomorrow for my room
going to thrift stores
going to the dps thursday
shuffle still rocking the casbah
possibly going to dallas this weekend to look at carrrs EEEEEK
realizing that i'm getting my new purse in a few days
and i'm finally getting a pod in about 3 months!!! eeeeboy!

and yeah, i'm overall in a pretty good mood right now.

i also might be a hair model (WTF I DON'T KNOW HOW THIS HAPPENED) but that means i'm getting my hair cut soon. and i really don't particularily want to color it, but i guess we'll cross that bridge as we come to it.

also for the record, i really like HORSE ze banddd.

i think that is all for now.

This is regrettably who we are to others.

August 18th, 2006 (01:58 am)
current mood: sleepyyyyy
current song: limbeckers.

Day two of me sitting around the house/coffee houses while I realize that my peers are still stuck up in the educational, 7:20-2:30 grind...and it is good. I really love the feeling I have when I wake up between the hours of 9 and noon and don't even care that it's earlier than it used to be all summer.......because I realize it could be six in the morning which is far, far worse. =) BUT I do hope all of my friends are enjoying their senior year.

It's the beginning of the end.
Think about that.
Come May, I'll drop a different version of that. So maybe get excited about that.
But I won't lie, I may forget by then.

I am, however, less somber about the fact that my friends are moving off and shit. Like, right on guys! Am i right?! You've most likely been waiting for four years to leave this place....or the place in which you are that is different from where I am. And youre smart enough to get the fuck out and find yourself......how could I be upset by that? Answer: I can't. So yeah, I'm going to miss you kids like an anorexic girl misses food and stuff....or a fat girl misses food.......are you calling me fat?........but no, there's always Thanksgiving. And Christmas. And spring break. And the summer. So really, is it that bad? Answer: No.

That was a ridiculous paragraph, no?

'Ring of Fire' just came on shuffle. And I'm definitely listening to it. I love this song.
QT childhood story----
I really loved the ring of fire when I was little. I loved volcanos and such. This was also at a time where I went to the Htown Museum of Natural Science, or for the really cool kids the HMNS*, on a somewhat daily basis. Not really, but between there and the zoo I was probably at one of those fine establishments a total of four out of the five weekdays.
*I doubt anyone ever calls it HMNS, unless you're offical museum people and such. and even then, that's pushing it.

'Technical Girls' just came on shuffle......Jkz.
...and by 'Techinical...'
I defnitely meant 'Technicolor Girls'.
So awesome. but i left the typo because I'm sure AX7 needs some new good song titles and will come look for them here....? no. whatevs.

OH so tonight. Was really fuckin' excellent.
I stumbled upon this really amazing show. And I'm really glad I went.
Final fantasy-----expected something hilarious, was actually really good. Zis one dude is from ze arcade fire!!! Kids (and by kids, I mean mostly Aaron) are jealous of me for going to see this show. So suck my indie.
Dude, i don't really know his name right now------excellent. Talked to him after ze show, he played with Wilco before!!!!!!! Ain't that a kick in the head?!
And The Curtains-- cool as hell. Lolers that makes no sense, but yeah.
It was really goooooood.

Now I'm quite sleepy.
But right on for good moods!
Am I wrong?! Am I wrong?!

PS AMANDA--I'm glad they found your luggage! hahaha I miss you already but it's cool because, well shit, we're going to lollersk8 to the crunkfactory come Thanksgiving/my birthday! HOLLA!

And will someone go fuckin' see fuckin' Little Miss Sunshine with me????
Come on, you know it's going to be good.

(no subject)

August 13th, 2006 (09:41 pm)

first off id like to address the fact that i AM listening to paris hilton's new album. and thus far, it has been a hilarious experience. yet i'm not going to lie, this will probably get played. so congrats on that. ugh. how depressing, no?

its now that weird part in the summer where everything really is slipping away. up until a week or so ago, everything was going so slooooow. all the days blended together and its almost as though things were in slow motion. but then everything caught up with me and i realized that its already august and i start school in 2 weeks. not to mention people are starting to leave, if they havent left already. its a weird feeling.

the fact that laguna beach has been playing non-stop for the last few days hasnt helped either. the graduation episodes through when kids start leaving..........UGH i hate it. it makes me realize that its all really happening to me.

im going to miss a lot more people than i expected to. and that sounds horrible but i dont mean it in any unkind way. just, i got to know a lot of people over the past few months that i didn't really expect to and so it just adds to the already overwhelming equation.

so yeah, what can i say? we're all growing up. and i don't feel any different.

in other news:
i'm starting to actually save up money! HOLLER. i'm about 3 months from buying myself a new car. and thats exciting for me. and im also about 9 months from getting an apartment. good grief! its ridiculous. i cant even begin to believe that this time next year i'll be about to start school in a different city. it's pretty amazing and weird. i cant even really think about it right now. its what everyone always dreams about as a kid.........graduating and going to college......but then when it actually happens, it's surreal.

so yes. a majority of my thoughts are directed to college and such.

and now, i'm going to listen to some more music and thennnnnn i don't even know what.

dustin and jenny, i think i just talked to your mom online?
yeah that's cool.

(no subject)

August 10th, 2006 (02:18 am)

today was quite the day.

i took my spanish test. and exempted from 3 semesters in college. FUCK YEAH! that's pretty awesome. however i don't even know if my degree plan requires it. but that's pretty diqin' gr8 just in caseeee.

i came home and slept. like a cool kid. cos i am one. LAWL NOT. ummmmm yeah most of my afternoon was comprised of mininaps and some paris hilton bs that was on vh1 lyke AWL AFTERNOONZ. what was up with that?! i don't even know.

as i mentioned before today was jesse's birthday. but i didn't actually do anything with him and feel bad about that. a lil bit.

i went out to dinner and such at this dude's house with my dad tonight. it was hilarious. him bringing the sign out was not. ze end of that story. only few know the beauty of the sign.

after that i came home and changed then went out with aaron and we walked around the river walk. i showed him my most favoritist place in the woodz, very HUSH HUSH. pretty much walked everywhere. i don't even really remember what we talked about minus.........
.....as we're leaving my neighborhood...
aaron- "dude, do you have pez?"
me- "what?....the candy things...."
"you smell like the little pez candies"
"it's not a bad thing. they smell good."

possibly one of the weirdest things anyone has ever said to me. but it's completely fine because i got to listen to public service anouncement + various dr dre songs. so that's all she wrote about that.

jesse called while i was out, however. he had a horrible birthday. HOLLA, you probably won't even see this but i definitely know how that shit goes.

i have to get up in....like....7 hours. that's cool. i think i might sleep now because that'd be pretty awesome. actually sleep through the night. then run about 13.384 BILLION ERRANDS tomorrow. urgh. then go to dinner wiff my madre. then i'm offffffff.
(haven't used that in a while, eh?)


August 9th, 2006 (01:09 am)
current song: lol@mediaplayerplaylist

what a day! what a day! i am very tired but i must study! (tomorrow im taking a test to attempt to exempt from some foreign languages next semmy.)

todayyyyyy i......did a lot of nothing. ate with my dad. but didnt talk to him at all. LOL. we clearly have an awesome relationship as of right now. i hardly ever see him. is that abnormal for teenagers? poll: do you talk with your parents, actually have conversations with them and not just 'im going out ___. be home___' type things, on a daily basis?? lemmmme know. im curious.

awwwwww piebald just came on my playlist and made me smile. american hearts just makes me want to high5 someone. am i wrong? am i wrong?! no. im not. i wish they played this tonight....

first i will resume the play-by-play of my day....by-day? no. okay. so i ateeee with papa and then went out with jesse. whom i have decided is more amazing than...unamazing things. we're a lot alike and i enjoy that. we later met up with jessica, whom i also enjoy the company of. also at the mall were: lindsay, her brother, some girl, some dude, tamaryn, and another dude. im pretty much amazing with names, i know this. most of the evening, however, was jesse and i....sometimes jessica....avoiding the others. jesse and i spoke of love. which sucked. a lot. PS ITS OFFICIALLY JESSE'S BIRTHDAY NOW SO HOLL@THAT!!!!! okay. so yeahhh left there about 930. UGH. i dont even want to talk about the shit that happened inbetween there. but i saw ASHLEY! yeah, i adore her. shes gr8. and i met her boyfriend...spencer. yeah im awesome with names there. also saw marc, but definitely didnt talk to him. i dont know why. im such an introvert.....sometimes.

i got home at about 10ish. a little later perhaps. ate a slice of cold pizza. sat my happy ass down at the computer and began to venture into the interweb, when amanda called. she asked what i was doing, duh...nothing sitting at muh house, and then said that they were on their way to get me. they turned out to be her and brent, who i have officially decided is hilarious in more ways than most. and we were going bowling. and HOT DAMN i love bowling. so they picked me up shortly after that and we ventured to ze amf lanes for it was DOLLAR night. ughhh i love it. so the whole car ride was filled with frantic phone calls trying to get more people to join us.

we got to ze alley (which is hilarious because my away message was this even before she called cos i put it up before i aaaaaate....."so what's say you.....and all your ffffffrrrrriends meet all of my friends in the alley with knives" cool, huh?) anyways we got there and i met amanda's sister, erin who was their with co-workers...and then we reserved a lane. got it about 15 minutes later. set up the names and such. some other kid steve came. whom i didnt really talk to at all. and then dan came. and i decided i like hanging out with dan. hes alright. hah wow how lame. but yeah, we bowled. i sang, a lot. dan sang with me. which is mostly why i decided he's cool. brent sang and basically threw the ball all the way down the lane to almost the pins every time which added onto his cool factor. ummm i dono, erin came and bowled our second game with us. THE SECOND GAME THAT I FUCKIN PWND. yeah, i definitely won with 126. it was bossy (yeah brent also knew the bossy song so clearly more points there.)

and now im back at home.
i still have a test tomorrow morning and im a lil worried about that. ill study before beeeed. i also have not finished reading gatsby. seriously its pissing me off! i have a lot more books i wanna read and i CANT until i finish. so i dedicate the rest of this week to that.

okay study timeeeeee.
i hope the meyerberry/weebeasties/mammoth grinder show was badass. and i wish i was there. but i was not. so boo. okay bye for realz.

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